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Meet our lead trainer - Nick Covington

Nick is an active pro that lives the PSD experience. Years of persistence, and dedication to hard work with skill development are the keys to his success. Now you can have a chance to learn the tricks of the trade directly from him!

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It's never too early or too late for any player to start taking developing their skills seriously. We train athletes from beginners to pros.

"Nick's got a great passion for the game and IQ. His work ethic and being around him as a Jr. High player taught me a lot about how to approach the game as a player. He was always in the gym and constantly trying to improve. A great story of an overachiever that knows how to win"

- Ben Hansbrough

"Nick only trains at the highest level, and nothing less. So when you're put in the process of one of his workouts, there's no question that he will make you the best all around player."

- Preston Sanchez

"In training with Nick, Jordan has learned how to be more precise in his movements. Over time and lots of persistence from Nick, He has developed a mentality to make those movements more aggressively in trainings, practices, and now in games. Jordan is definitely a level above and with consistent training - the sky's the limit."

- Mike Tuscano (Dad)
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